The A.P.A.E was established in 1978 by Mitsuharu Tsuchiya and a group of Conventional Medicine Doctors to teach and promote Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine amongst the class of medical doctors in Portugal. Above all its principal objective has been to foster a new type of medicine that integrates Oriental Medicine and Ocidental Medicine. The first of its kind in Europe, the association benefits from a modest membership of nearly 100 certified practitioners, researchers and medical doctors.

The A.P.A.E. was officially accepted as a W.F.A.S. member in the 4th of December 1990, representing Portugal in the world arena. Its main activities include the exchange of academic and professional knowledge between Portugal and Japan, the organization of national Acupuncture symposiums and the participation in International Acupuncture Conferences representing Portugal. Furthermore, the A.P.A.E. has been involved in the publication of research papers at the national level. Its current and primary focus will be to continue the promotion of genuine and safe Acupuncture practice in Portugal, with special focus in teaching MDs and furthering research.

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