Sports Acupuncture at Benfica clinic SLB

Dra. Maria João Cascais

Technical Director of Benfica Clinic of SLB


The APAE Medical Group has started Sports Acupuncture treatments

Dra. Maria João Cascais

We are pleased to announce, for the very first time in Europe, the introduction of  Electric Acupuncture for the treatment of sports injuries at Benfica Clinic of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, under  the Technical Direction of Dr. Maria João Cascais and Scientif Counseling of Dr. Mitsuharu Tsuchiya, both with recognized experience in this area. Beyond Electric Acupuncture we complement  the treatments with Ju-Sei Therapy - Traditional Japanese Osteomanipulation.

Dr. João Paulo P. de Almeida - Responsible for Benfica Clinic of Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Dr. Mitsuharu Tsuchiya – Tsuchiya Clinic Director

Photos bellow: acupuncture treatment for low back pain


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